Thursday, December 3, 2009

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Tutorials TOU:

All Tutorials on this site came from my imagination and skill
in using Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.
Any similarities to any other
Tutorials are purely coincidental.
Do not copy them and claim them as your own.
You may print my tuts for personal use.

PSP Groups, please feel free to use my Tutorials
in your groups without writing for permission.
I do like to see what people make from my Tutorials,
so a link to results would be appreciated but is not required.

I do not allow translation of my Tutorials into languages other than English.
My reasoning behind this is that if I can't understand the language,
I can't control the content of the translation.
I don't want my name on anything I can't fully understand.

My Tutorials are Personal Use Only and no profit is to be made
in any way by following any of my Tutorials.

Resources TOU:

My creations are personal use ONLY!
Please do not share.
Direct anyone who may want them to my blog.
I don't need to be credited in any way if you use these, but please don't claim them as your own work.
Please do use them in any personal project that you would like ie; tags, avatars, wallpapers, etc

Tutorial writers: If you want to use my creations in a tutorial, please send
people to my blog so they can d/l them.

(C)Shirley Franklin 2009-2011

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